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Lazy Sink Cleaning 

I have better things to do than clean my sink. So here’s my lazy way for a sparkling sink. (psst, it works on tubs too just use 2 TBS, or 2 tabs)

1. Use hot hot water and fill your sink.

2. Throw in a dishwasher tab, or a tablespoon of your favourite dishwasher detergent.

3. Stir it round, and let it sit until it’s cool, while you go do the more important things, like a blog post… then in that same water, dip your cloth in and wipe the rest down as your water drains.

Voila clean and sparkly sink.


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I have 3 kids, one is a teenage boy, one is a vegetarian and the other is just picky. Like, super picky about textures. Oh, and a husband that is allergic to milk and wheat. lol We don’t make a ton, and we’ve moved across Canada twice…meaning we are exactly back where we started, 8 years ago. We have yet to buy a house, but we are looking, first we need to get our finances cleaned up and our lives in some sort of order. Ive lived in a lot of homes. The one we are currently living in is 2500 square feet, five bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a pool and a huge modern kitchen. I’m grateful to have it, it’s a giant farm house near my hometown. It’s beautiful but it’s not what I need in my ALMOST 40s, and looking into my retirement. I’m big on need, not want. We buy our clothes off the buy and sell, second hand store or people give us the things their done with. I’m learning to appreciate the small things. A notebook with a few coloured on pages, a planner from last year I can cross the dates out on, small things. Not buying new makes a HUGE difference. This is the category I’ll be NOT keeping up with the Jones’ and I’ll be letting you in on our little secrets for Living on the Cheap



Welcome! This is where I grow, lol. I’m starting a movement, within myself. A place for my thoughts to become free, my art to be shown and where I can learn new skills and share my successes and my failures (I’m learning too) with everyone. ¬†I’m a photographer, in SW Ontario. Ive photographed across the western hemisphere and I have learned that here, in Canada, we are very free..blessed and free. I’m a modern day hippie with a dream to live as self sufficient as I possibly can. You’re welcome to come on this journey with my family and I.